For Hunting and Working Dogs

Hunting and working dogs have unique needs when it comes to protection and healing.  They can put mile after mile on those hard working paws in the roughest terrain and weather conditions! We speak from experience as we’ve had the privilege to work and train many breeds, including Labradors, English Springer Spaniels and German Shorthaired Pointers in Minnesota’s harsh climate. Our friends in the musher community have been a crucial part of our product testing and have given us many suggestions on the needs of the dogs that compete in the ultimate test of canine endurance.

Paw Balm

Our Paw Balm was originally made in 1989 to prevent ice balls from forming between the pads of our English Springer during snowy conditions.  The harder waxes used in the Paw Balm form a protective, breathable barrier on the paws.

Nose Balm

Anyone who has had a hunting dog in the field for a day of chasing birds through switchgrass, cattails or thickets knows the beating the nose, face and other areas can take.  The anti-inflammatory ingredients in our Nose Balm eliminate discomfort and help your dog heal up fast.  Apply on the snout, around the eyes, and on the dog’s underside to bring relief.

Our Balms are Unscented and won’t interfere with your dog’s ability to scent!

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