Formulated for Optimum Healing and Protection

Rough or hot pavement, snow, and ice, even dry air… they all take a toll on dog’s feet and can cause dry, cracked painful paw pads. Now your dogs can do the things they love without hurting their feet, thanks to our safe and effective paw balm wax.

Developed for hunting and working dogs in Minnesota’s harsh climate, Natural Hound Paw Balm is now available for your dog.

A blend of 100% natural and organic oils and protective waxes form a tough, breathable, protective barrier against snow, ice, and irritants in all climates and seasons.

Soothes and moisturizes the pads, eliminating rough cracked and peeling skin.
Fast Absorbing. Non-Greasy – Non-Slippery
Specially blended waxes form a protective barrier on sensitive paws.
Prevents ice balls from forming between pads.
Protects paws from road salt and de-icing chemicals.
Safe if your dog licks it’s feet.
Leaves paw pads soft and supple.

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